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GCSE Geography

What will I learn?
AQA GCSE Geography.
This course builds on skills and knowledge learnt during KS3. There is a mixture of Human Geography, for example population studies, and Physical Geography, for example natural hazards. There will be some geographical enquiry where students will need to use their geographical skills to investigate and develop a decision making process to evaluate a problem.

How will I learn?
There will be a mixture of group work, paired work and independent learning .Access to ICT will be research the latest information on topics. Fieldwork will also a requirement from the exam board.

How will I be assessed?
This is a linear course which means that all formal assessment will happen at the end of the course. There will be three exams which together will make up 100% of your mark. Fieldwork will be assessed within these units.

To what can I progress?
Geography is highly regarded by 6th form colleges and higher education as a subject that requires many skills in research, data processing and presentation of information so it will always look good on applications to college. Careers which use the skills learnt in Geography include Town Planning, Resource
Management, Conservation and Teaching.

Further Information
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