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Issues and Ethics

Issues and Ethics

What will I learn?
Issues and Ethics is a new course which embodies elements of the religious education and the Personal, Social, Health and Economic Wellbeing Curriculum. It intends to challenge students thinking on issues such as global citizenship, relationship education and staying safe and avoiding risks. The course is enhanced by outside agencies which work with classes to present information and ideas and support their understanding on often complex issues, about which there is often some misunderstanding.

How will I be assessed?
There is no formal assessment but students will reflect on their learning and experiences and draw together themes at the end of each unit of study. This may be done in writing or in discussion with the class teacher or their peers.

What can I progress to?
The completion of this bespoke course will culminate in an award of a certificate highlighting the areas and issues studied. This will support many further career paths, from working with children and vulnerable young people and adults, to law and community work.

Further Information
Mrs S Inglis

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